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Leading An Elegant Death

Leading An Elegant Death


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Description for LEADING AN ELEGANT DEATH by Paula Carter:

A Talent for Decoration -- and Detection

Meet Hillary Scarborough, a domestic artiste with a flair for design ... and Jane Ferguson, an ex-law student who can't cook or decorate to save her life. Between the two of them, they solve more crimes -- and decorating disasters -- than any other belles of the South.

Single mom Jane Ferguson needed a job. So she applied as an assistant to famed local decorator, party planner, and domestic goddess Hillary Scarborough -- even though Jane's idea of dinner planning was ordering pizza. Unfortunately, no amount of style could save their first client. Hillary was appalled at the home's mismatched furnishings and overall bad taste - but what caught Jane off guard was the dead body in the living room. And while Jane restrained Hillary from tastefully rearranging the crime scene, she discovered a flair of her own -- for coordinating clues. Once Jane began investigating, she found it difficult to stop -- especially when someone started trying to put an 'end to her stylish new career -- permanently.

This is #1 in Mysteries By Design series.

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