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Lethal Dose

Lethal Dose


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Description for LETHAL DOSE by Jeff Buick:

Veritas Pharmaceuticals is a corporate powerhouse, one of the largest drug companies in the country. But many of the drugs Veritas puts on the market are extremely dangerous, even potentially fatal--and Bruce Andrews, CEO of the company, is well aware of it. Andrews isn't about to let that get in the way of Veritas's profits. In fact, he'll do anything to make sure nothing gets in the way....

Gordon Buchanan was devastated when his brother died. And very suspicious. Could the drug his brother had been taking have caused his death? The more Gordon investigates, the more evidence points to Veritas. His lawyer warns him that a lawsuit against the huge corporation would only ruin him, but Gordon can't let them get away with murder. If the law won't help him bring down this deadly Goliath, he'll have to do it on his own.

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