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Liar's Oath

Liar's Oath


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Description for LIAR'S OATH by Elizabeth Moon:

Some Oaths Were Made To Be Broken...

When Gird led his peasant people against their Mage-Born rulers, he knew his right hand and sworn follower was the King's bastard. But though Luap had promised to seek no throne, and had renounced his heritage, he could not forget his past--and when he discovered a distant land, which he could reach by magic, he thought he could change his mind.

If Gird never knew, if it didn't hurt anyone, why not break that Oath? In the distant western mountains, in a sanctuary abandoned by the elder races, Luap found out why...and so did those who followed him.

By the end, Luap will have gotten himself in so much trouble that his only hope will lie in rescue by the greatest Paladin of them all--and Paksenarrion will not be born for five hundred years....

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