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Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning Strikes Twice


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Description for LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE by Lacey Dancer:

Untamed Tempest

For the past six years, the most difficult part of Stryker McGuire's job was rescuing the boss's daughter. Tempest Whitney-King's life was fraught with danger and derring-do as she raced across foreign lands, chasing wild adventures. When this eccentric rich girl blossomed into a fiery woman, Stryker couldn't resist loving her. But his love could not calm the storm in Tempest's heart.

Then came the day when Stryker nearly lost her. Tempest's close call in a hang-gliding venture clarified the truth for him. She was playing a crazy dice game with death, and he couldn't bear to stand by and watch the gamble. He would no longer taste the full lips that invited a man's kiss or stroke the hair that reminded him of red-hot flames. For the sake of his sanity, he had to end his relationship with this daredevil.

Tempest never meant to hurt Stryker. He was her lover and rescuer, the man who'd inflamed her passions and saved her skin time and again. But he didn't understand what drove her wild heart. No one understood that she was not trying to escape from love. For Tempest, running was a matter of survival. Life was the ultimate race, and freedom was the grand prize.

KISMET #133.

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