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Live At 10:00, Dead At 10:15

Live At 10:00, Dead At 10:15


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Description for LIVE AT 10:00, DEAD AT 10:15 by Elsa Klensch:

Sonya Iverson is an ambitious Midwesterner striving to succeed in New York City as a producer for a TV newsmagazine. She's frustrated at being trapped in the ghetto of "fluff" when she wants to cover hard news.

Sonya is about to learn that "fluff" has a hard core.

Behind the scenes at an annual fashion industry awards dinner, Sonya discovers a just-out-of-rehab supermodel clutching a bloody dagger and standing over the body of Harriet Franklin, the glamorous wife of a fashion industry mogul.

Suspects abound. Was the killer the supermodel, whose comeback Harriett was threatening to derail? The internationally-renowned designer recently fired at Harriett's bidding? The fashion magazine editor Harriett first bribed and then blackmailed? Or even Harriett's long-suffering husband, who may have finally had all he could take of his shrewish wife?

Eager to break this career-making story, Sonya doesn't realize that her interviews are bringing her closer and closer to the murderer. Close enough to become the next fashion victim . . . .

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