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London Match

London Match


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Description for LONDON MATCH by Len Deighton:

In the smash conclusion to Deighton's "Game, Set, Match" series, Bernard Samson has gotten KGB defector Erich Stinnes to London--but now he has to convince him to talk. Samson is under increasing pressure from his boss to get results, but the tangled web of double agents, moles, and traitors is tightly knit around the truth. As the intricate chess game of spy intelligence is played out, no one is above suspicion--and since his wife's defection to the KGB, Samson is under careful scrutiny by his colleagues. Deceptions unfold and a complex trap from Moscow has been set. Samson must use every resource at his disposal if he wants to survive the game.

This is #3 in Bernard Samson Series.

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