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Looking For A Hero

Looking For A Hero


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Description for LOOKING FOR A HERO by Patti Berg:

He Was a Mystery Man...

Morgan "Black Heart" Farrell can't believe that the honey-haired siren is telling him the truth: that he's sailed right into the twentieth century. He desperately needs to get back to his ship and his own time. But for now, the widowed Kate seems to need a man -- a real man -- who can protect and comfort her. Black Heart knows he may have brought danger with him from the past, but he can't seem to resist Kate's cupid-bow mouth with its fiery kisses.

Who Swept Her Off Her Feet

At first, Kate Cameron can't believe her eyes as they drink in the spectacular mystery man standing on an otherwise deserted beach. Never mind that he's wearing a cutlass and looks like he washed onshore from an off-Broadway production of The Pirates of Penzance, Black Heart is the sexiest man Kate has ever seen. And she soon begins to believe that Morgan's heart may not be so black...but that he may be the hero she's been looking for.

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