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Looking Good At Any Age

Looking Good At Any Age


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Description for LOOKING GOOD AT ANY AGE by Amy E Newburger, M.D.

In this book Dr. Amy Newburger, a nationally recognized dermatologist, explains everything any woman needs to know to keep herself looking fabulous at any age. The skin is not only the body's largest organ, it is also a living, self-regenerating, head-to-toe "coat" that is unlike any other piece of clothing you will ever put on. To be sure that this marvelous skin-suit remains fresh and vibrant throughout your life, you must first know what you can expect to look like at every stage; what to accept as the immutable result of your genetic makeup, life choices, and chronological age; and what you have the power to change. In LOOKING GOOD AT ANY AGE, Dr. Newburger not only explains what women can expect to see when they look in the mirror at every age, she also provides them with the tools to be certain that their reflection is as youthful, vibrant, and glowing with health as possible.

From describing the basic skin care every woman should practice starting in her twenties, to identifying the best over-the-counter and prescription cleansers, cosmetics, and anti-aging products in "Dr. Amy's Top Fifty Anti-Aging Products That Really Work," to shedding light on various procedures--as minor as a collagen injection or as major as a face-lift--she answers every question any woman could ever ask about how her skin is nourished, how and why it changes throughout her life, and how to "turn back the clock" to the best of her ability.

And, as a special bonus, she includes tips from two top makeup artists on specific products, how to master the "art of camouflage," and makeup "don'ts" to avoid.

LOOKING GOOD AT ANY AGE offers a complete package to any woman concerned not only with looking her best but also with maintaining a healthy complexion throughout her life.

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