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Love And The Single Corpse

Love And The Single Corpse


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Description for LOVE AND THE SINGLE CORPSE by Annie Griffin:

Meet Hannah and Kiki...

Hannah is quiet, modest, and introspective. Kiki is loud, tacky, and man-crazy. They're two sixty-something sisters with very little in common--except when it comes to murder...

Hannah and Kiki were eager to attend their annual high school Botany Club reunion. True, Kiki was more in it for the men. But Hannah wanted to reminisce with eccentric Geraldine Markham, her favorite teacher. If nothing else, it seemed like a good way to keep the two sisters out of trouble for a change--until Geraldine is murdered in the hospital while awaiting surgery. She had said she was in danger, but Hannah just assumed it was old age talking. And now it's going to take a little more than sifting through soil to determine who killed her teacher--and find out just what Geraldine was hiding...

This is #3 in A Hannah And Kiki Mystery series.

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