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Love And The Single Dad

Love And The Single Dad


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Description for LOVE AND THE SINGLE DAD by Susan Crosby:

YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN... Newly minted father Donovan McCoy had to give it a try -- he owed it to the little boy who now called him "Daddy." So the photojournalist had to say goodbye to his life on the road and learn to find joy a little closer to home. Perhaps with the girl -- now woman -- who, despite all his travels, he'd never been able to forget?

OR CAN YOU? Beauty-queen-turned-attorney Laura Bannister had never really left. But she'd long abandoned the hope of attaining her real definition of home -- a man she loved and children of her very own. Yet here was Donovan and his precious child, making her wonder if happily-ever-after could still be in the cards -- for all of them....

Silhouette Special Edition #2019, January, 2010.

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