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Love, Cherish Me

Love, Cherish Me

Author: Rebecca Brandewyne

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 575

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Description for LOVE, CHERISH ME by Rebecca Brandewyne:

Storm was her name and her destiny.

Born on a night when lightning flashed and thunder rolled, the raven-haired beauty was sixteen before the promise of her name became the path of her life.

Born to wealth, the belle of five counties wagered away to a middle-aged rancher by her wastrel uncle. On her way to Texas to marry Gabriel North, she was captured by outlaws -- and wagered away again by her captor to a blue-eyed bounty hunter, a dark-skinned gunslinger called El Lobo, the wolf. A man who could kill in cold blood, then take her with fire and tenderness when she whispered to him.

This is #1 in Aguilar's Fate Series.

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