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Love, Hear My Heart

Love, Hear My Heart


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Description for LOVE, HEAR MY HEART by Sonya T Pelton:


Overhead the stars were hundreds of sparkling diamonds and the moon was an orb of yellow gold as Cassandra felt Sylvestre come close, his lips on hers in the first truly passionate kiss they were to share. Wonderful, frightening, expanding sensations began to gather in her breasts, everywhere, as, gloriously, abandoned, Sy's kiss sang like a fever through her veins. Her dusky lashes lowered and then closed over her creamy cheekbones. Soft moonlight flowed over them. Sylvestre held Cassandra, willing the heat of his flesh to soothe her, warm her until the trembling in her untaught body ceased and he felt the treasure of her desire yielding. He moved his mouth gently over hers, savoring her honey, devouring the velvet softness of her lips, and it was a penetrating sweetness that turned him inside out. He seemed to be drowning in sensations and. he couldn't get enough of her sweet nectar and his mind repeated and repeated the aching words, over and over in his brain: I love you. It was as if she had heard his words. Cassandra did not hear her own low, answering moan, revealing a need in her that she had not known existed.

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