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Love's Ambush

Love's Ambush


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Description for LOVE'S AMBUSH by Theresa Scott:

Song of the Willow People


Child of the Willow People--whose fate is twined with the mighty bear, here is your destiny. Feel his soft hands caress your skin--tender, like you imagined the husband you never knew. He is mighty like the mammoth--as his hard, glistening arms promise hen first he struggled against the captivity of your brothers' nets. He is Blade, Prince of the Lion People.


Whose happiness was swallowed by the swelling river. Welcome your wife. She is a beauty--faithful and true. Her dark glance still haunts you, long after it first impaled your heart. She will teach you the meaning of love, as you will teach her the ways of passion..


Unite, for together you will overcome your sorrow.

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