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Love's Bright Flame

Love's Bright Flame


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Description for LOVE'S BRIGHT FLAME by Sheila Holland:


Henry turned slowly as Eleanor entered the great hall. His gray eyes widened, fixed on her. Springlike in white and green, her slender body swaying as she walked, she came toward him, hands outstretched.

He had hoped for a private meeting at the first, hungry to touch and kiss her.

He sprang forward and caught her hands, drew them close in a fierce clasp, looking into her eyes.

"Lady, I have come to claim your promise..." His voice was husky. Everyone in the hall stood staring, ears pricked, half doubting their own senses.

They had kept their secret well. They could not hope to hide it a second longer. No man who had seen their eyes meet, their hands cling, could doubt for more than a moment that these were bound lovers claiming each other.

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