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Love's Endless Flame

Love's Endless Flame


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Description for LOVE'S ENDLESS FLAME by Betty Brooks:


When she first heard the rumble of falling rocks, Miranda found it hard to believe that she - a first-rate cave explorer - could have been caught in a landslide. But when the dust cleared she discovered she was trapped in a dark cavern with Rogue McCalren as her sole hope for survival. That rude rancher had been a thorn in her side from the beginning of their search for her father, but now he was her only link with the outside and her single reason for wanting to live. For the warmth of his rich smooth voice enveloped her and kept the cold at bay, sparking in her a longing for the touch of his heated caress and the feel of his burning lips on hers.


Rogue had hoped this search wouldn't take long - his ranch left him with more important things to worry about. Instead he was now stuck behind a pile of rubble with that copper-haired bookworm on the other side. But he had to admire her bravery. No woman he knew would have survived this long alone and in the dark. That made him all the more determined to find some way to get Miranda out and teach her the finer points about being a woman.

He'd blaze a trail of red-hot kisses that was sure to heat her chilled body and create a fire of passion bright enough to light even the darkest cave!

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