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Description for LOVESONG by Gwen Davis:

Lovely songwriter Karen Sparks is living the good life: she has a wonderful husband, Charley, and a teenage son, Seth, whom she adores. But her happy life hits a sour note when Charley becomes ill and dies. A year later, grief-stricken Karen decides to escape to the beautiful, exotic land of Bali for a much-needed respite.

Once, there, Karen meets Richard Henley, a charming English expatriate who's eager to show her and Seth around the magical island. Karen and Richard hit it off right away---exploring Bali's sun-kissed beaches by day and its romantic moonlit coves by night. Still loyal to his father's memory, Seth resents the time his mother is spending with the cavalier Richard. But a near-tragedy helps Seth come to grips with his mother's newfound love.

With Seth's blessing, Karen is ready to start life over again and invites Richard to return home with her. Can their love survive the real world---or is it just a beautiful fantasy?

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