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Loving Lies

Loving Lies

Author: Penelope Neri

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Accpetable

Pages: 528

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Description for LOVING LIES by Penelope Neri:

She'd risk her fortune for one night of love!

Rugged Joel McCaleb would do anything to get some property of his own -- even if it meant faking his identity and marrying a woman he'd never before seen. But when the gambling cowboy met his intended, raven-haired Seraphina Jones, suddenly it was more important to possess every luscious inch of her than to claim his vast California spread. Her creamy silken curves filled him with a craving only her touch could assuage...and made him forget that the truth could destroy all he'd struggled to win!

Green-eyed Seraphina never wanted to gain any more than her best friend's inheritance when she agreed to wed Joel McCaleb. Then she saw the virile stranger and she knew she should flee his hot hungry gaze and overpowering male physique. But it was too late to tell him she was an impostor. Once the feisty beauty discovered the rapture of his kiss and the sweet agony of his caress, she swore she'd never let him go -- not even if it cost her a lifetime of wanton sins and passionately whispered LOVING LIES

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