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Lullaby And Good Night

Lullaby And Good Night


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Description for LULLABY AND GOOD NIGHT by Vincent T Bugliosi with William Stadiem:

A beautiful, haunted woman in a glittering and corrupt era takes center stage in this sizzling novel based on a true sex scandal that rocked New York City in the Roaring Twenties. Vincent T Bugliosi, bestselling author of HELTER SKELTER, masterfully blends an irresistible tale of crime and passion with a richly textured re-creation of a time gone by.

Brought to life are the 1920s---this century's wildest decade, when New York was the capital of pleasure and anything went for a price. To this city of bright lights and dark corners comes the lovely, innocent Emily Stanton, hoping for fame on the stage. What she finds is marriage to Warren Matthews, who has hooked his wagon to the gravy train of Tammany Hall's political corruption and is riding it to the social heights. When the marriage turns into a nightmare of brutality, Emily flees with her young daughter, Jessica, only to find herself the victim of a vicious frameup master-minded by her husband to gain custody of Jessica.

Robbed of her child, her reputation, and her career, a desperate Emily begins her single-minded odyssey through Manhattan's illicit and dazzling high life to get evidence against those who framed her, so she can win her precious daughter back. Still beautiful and magnetic, she becomes a singing hostess at Texas Guinan's notorious speakeasy. There she make connections with the powerful likes of famed madam Polly Adler, Judge Joseph Crater, gambler Arnold Rothstein, and dapper Mayor Jimmy Walker. Finally, Emily's battle to get back her child threatens to destroy the people who savaged her and the infamous system that spawned them. And as the decade's frenzy mounts to its explosive climax, Emily's very life reaches its moment of decision in a sensational murder trial that rips the last shred of secrecy from a revelation so shocking, it will shake even this blase city to its core.

With this riveting human drama, Vincent Bugliosi evokes a legendary era and its glamorous and decadent underworld of speakeasies and bootleg gin, mobsters and flappers---a time and way of life that never ceases to fascinate.

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