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Make Way For Mommy

Make Way For Mommy


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Description for MAKE WAY FOR MOMMY by Muriel Jensen:

Look who's talking now...

My name is Chelsea Annabel and I used to be lucky before I was borned. Only a few whiles ago, I had a daddy and two mommies. Now I have a daddy, a aunt and no mommy. If you think you're confused, how do you think I feel! I want a mommy and I want one now!

It seemed so simple when Jo Arceneau agreed to be a surrogate mother for her sister. But with her sister out of the picture, Jo was left carrying the baby for her brother-in-law, the enigmatic Ryan Jefferies...a man she'd always wanted but could never have. Two things Jo was sure of: one, baby Chelsea needed both a mother and a father, and two, she and Ryan could never live together. No matter how she added it up, someone always got subtracted.

Harlequin American Romance #606, November, 1995.

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