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Man Trouble

Man Trouble


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Description for MAN TROUBLE by Melanie Craft:

One sensible woman...

One man with a reputation...

Equals trouble for two...

Molly Shaw's got a secret. By day she's a history professor; by night she's bestselling romance author Sandra St. Claire. And never the twain shall meet. Until a journalist friend asks her to pull off the seduction of the century: get the scoop on billionaire playboy Jake Berenger by transforming herself into his ideal woman.

Jake's got a problem. His five-star resorts are making less money because his bad-boy image is losing its luster. Only one thing can save the day: a radical makeover into Family Man. Enter Sandra St. Claire, whose sexpot act can't be for real. Could the spandex and makeup be hiding the perfect wife?

Jake's all hot and bothered trying to get the answer. Molly's all frantic trying to keep him guessing. Add a publicist and a matchmaker, and the result is love, laughter, and trouble brewing in paradise.

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