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Margaret Of Molokai

Margaret Of Molokai


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Description for MARGARET OF MOLOKAI by Mel White:

Come with film producer-author Mel White to the exotic Hawaiian island of Molokai. Here, farm from the usual tourist sites, you will experience a way of life like none you've ever known.

Out on a remote peninsula, cut off from the island by sheer bluffs 2000 feet high, you will enter one of the forgotten areas of the world. For this is the isolated home of those afflicted with the disease the Hawaiian people call ma'i-ho'oka'awale 'ohana (the disease that tears families apart). In English we call it leprosy.

Through this unforgettable and moving story, you will view life among these fellow human beings who are afflicted with leprosy. And you will be privileged to see through the eyes of a truly remarkable woman.

For this is the story of Margaret Kaupuini---Margaret of Molokai---one of God's most cheerful and courageous children, one who shares unconditional love and compassion with innocent people forgotten by the rest of the world.

Margaret's story is as enlightening as it is inspiring. You will learn the truth about many widely accepted myths regarding leprosy:

*the myth that leprosy is highly contagious.

*the myth that leprosy causes radical deterioration of skin, muscle, and bone, destroying hands, feet, and facial feature.

*the myth that leprosy is hereditary.

*the myth that no cure is available, and the only solution is to isolate perons contracting leprosy.

The most dramatic and life-giving truth, however, comes from Margaret herself. Her life reveals the truth about inner beauty---how it can grow and even flourish while surrounded by human tragedy.

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