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Marrying Walker McKay

Marrying Walker McKay


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Description for MARRYING WALKER MCKAY by Lori Copeland:

Sara followed her dreams and discovered the love of her life. But will she have cause to regret marrying Walker McKay? The Rancher Takes A Wife

The last thing Walker McKay wants to do is go courting--but it's time to settle down and raise some sons, so he settles on getting himself a mail-order bride. Sara Livingston is the prettiest and sweetest lady he's ever laid eyes on, and though she may not be quite what he expected, Sara's warm nature is irresistible.

Sara's dream is to have a husband and family to love, but her tycoon father never thinks anyone is good enough. So she desperately trades places with a mail-order bride and runs away to Wyoming. When her intended groom turns out to be handsome Walker McKay, Sara thinks her every wish has come true. But what if her father finds her and forces her to come home? Sara's just discovered the love of her life...can anyone keep her from staying married to Walker McKay?

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