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Mary Elizabeth: Welcome To America!

Mary Elizabeth: Welcome To America!


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Description for MARY ELIZABETH: WELCOME TO AMERICA! by Eleanor Clark:

Jennifer Jean thinks she's a little too old for a "dress up" tea party at her grandmother's house, and with so many things going wrong in her life, she is not in the mood for visiting with all of her cousins. However, when her grandmother shares an amazing story from the family's past about a little girl names Mary Elizabeth who came to America during the 1600s, Jennifer Jean discovers that she can, indeed, persevere through her many hardships.

Mary Elizabeth's life undergoes a dramatic change when she leaves the only home she has known for another world far away in a place called America. The journey aboard the ship not only teaches her about perseverance but also that making a home in a new world has its share of challenges. Join Mary Elizabeth as she lives one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime and learns the importance of family and the value of perseverance.

This is Book One in The Eleanor Series.

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