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Mennonite In A Little Black Dress

Mennonite In A Little Black Dress


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Description for MENNONITE IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS by Rhoda Janzen:

A hilarious and moving memoir?Çöin the spirit of Anne Lamott and Nora Ephron?Çöabout a woman who returns home to her close-knit Mennonite family after a personal crisis

Not long after Rhoda Janzen turned forty, her world turned upside down. It was bad enough that her brilliant husband of fifteen years left her for Bob, a guy he met on, but that same week a car accident left her with serious injuries. What was a gal to do? Rhoda packed her bags and went home. This wasn?ÇÖt just any home, though. This was a Mennonite home. While Rhoda had long ventured out on her own spiritual path, the conservative community welcomed her back with open arms and offbeat advice. (Rhoda?ÇÖs good-natured mother suggested she date her first cousin ?Çö he owned a tractor, see.) It is in this safe place that Rhoda can come to terms with her failed marriage; her desire, as a young woman, to leave her sheltered world behind; and the choices that both freed and entrapped her.

Written with wry humor and huge personality?Çöand tackling faith, love, family, and aging?ÇöMENNONITE IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS is an immensely moving memoir of healing, certain to touch anyone who has ever had to look homeward in order to move ahead.

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