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Merely Magic

Merely Magic


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Description for MERELY MAGIC by Patricia Rice:

In a lovely cottage there lives a beautiful woman called Ninian who yearns for a family of her own--but whose magical gifts make her too "strange" to be loved by any local lad.

In a castle tower there lives a dark aristocrat called Drogo who studies the stars, seeking rational explanations for perplexing mysteries--unaware that his life is about to be turned upside down by a bewitching enchantress.

From the moment they meet by chance in a moonlit forest, they are drawn inevitably together, compelled to act upon an attraction that defies all explanation and breaks every rule. And over the course of one magical, storm-tossed night they forge a bond that will utterly change the direction of their lives, challenge them to see each other with new eyes--and force them to redefine the very meaning of love...

This is #1 in Magic Series.

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