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Merry Christmas, Mommy

Merry Christmas, Mommy


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Description for MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOMMY by Muriel Jensen:

Dear Santa,

I know I'm just a baby and no one listens to me, but I do know some things. Like what I want for Christmas -- Nate for a daddy. Now I just have to convince my mommy ....

Garrett Joseph Endicott

The one thing everyone in Riverview hospital knew about Nate Foster was that the top-notch ER doctor never worked with babies. But when Karma Endicott was rushed into Emergency in premature labor, he stayed by her side and helped deliver her healthy baby boy. What was so special about Karma that, after Y one look, playboy Nate was suddenly volunteering to do diaper duty?

Harlequin American Romance #610, December, 1995.

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