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Miami, It's Murder

Miami, It's Murder


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Description for MIAMI, IT'S MURDER by Edna Buchanan:

Miami felony is red hot and hopping these days, leaving ace newspaper reporter Britt Montero--who has been known to beat the cops to local crime scenes--with an overflowing plate. The Downtown Rapist is assaulting unsuspecting women in office building restrooms, and he's none too happy about what Britt has been saying about him in print. At the same time, certain gentlemen with secrets--and the shared distinction of having each maybe once beaten a homicide rap--are now dying in strange and gruesome ways. Miami is murder, indeed, and no one knows it better than Britt. But in her zeal to break a case and a big story, she could be setting up her sweltering city to be host to one more killing: hers.

This is #2 in Brit Montero series.

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