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Mind Of The Magic

Mind Of The Magic


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Description for MIND OF THE MAGIC by Holly Lisle:

Trouble just seems to follow Faia Rissedotte. She's a powerful mage, perhaps the most powerful Arhel has ever seen. But she's never really learned, how to follow the rules and, more importantly, never truly realized her potential for magical power. After upsetting a system of magic hundreds of years old while a mere teenager, now all Faia wants to do is settle down to raise her rambunctious young daughter in peace. And then the gods came to call.

It is Faia's fate to end life as it has been for millennia on Arhel, and to reunite it with the rest of the world. Much as Faia will fight it, Fate will have its way with her--but even the gods won't be the same when she's done....

This is #3 in Faia Rissedotte Series.

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