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Miss Zukas And the Island Murders

Miss Zukas And the Island Murders


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Description for MISS ZUKAS AND THE ISLAND MURDERS by Jo Dereske:


An anonymous note in the morning mail reminds librarian Helma Zukas of her long-forgotten promise to bring her high school classmates together for a twenty-year reunion. Never one to break a promise, the very conscientious Miss Zukas plunges into the task of organizing the perfect celebration . . . despite some mysterious warnings of dire consequences.

But someone is sabataging her well-laid plans for an island get-together, and soon the old classmates find themselves stranded on a fogbound island with a murderer in their midst. Help can't reach them from outside, so it's up to Miss Zukas, with a dubious assist from her raffish friend Ruth, to close the books on crimes both current and overdue for solution--before the killer takes her out of circulation . . . permanently.

This is #2 in Miss Zukas series.

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