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Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances


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Description for MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg:

Lily Forrester is an ambitious Assistant District Attorney on the rise in her professional career and on the brink in her private life. Eager to step into her new role as Chief of the Sex Crimes Division, she is also coping with a foundering marriage and the lure of an extremely attractive man. What keeps her anchored is her quirky, thirteen-year-old daughter, Shana. But when an intruder invades their home and commits a savage attack against them, Lily heads out on a trail of vengeance beyond any law but that of her own rage. And suddenly, with one shattering act, she finds her life is spinning out of control, leaving her nowhere to hide. But even as a circle of danger closes in on her, Lily Forrester knows that she must find a way out, because there's no turning back. Written by a former policewoman, this riveting, edge-of-the-seat spellbinder bursts with authenticity, giving an irresistible insider's look at the shifting dynamics between cops and killers, prosecutors and defenders, law and order.

This is #1 in Lily Forrester series.

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