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Moonlight and Memories

Moonlight and Memories


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Description for MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES by Patricia Rice:


Beautiful young widow Eavin O'Flannery Dupre had heard the whispers about handsome, fiery-tempered Nicholas Saint-Just. He was more than the master of a lush Louisiana plantation. He was a lawless pirate, a wanton womanizer, and a murderer. Yet he was the only hope for safety that Eavin had in this place so far from her Irish home and so close to danger as the hated British poised to attack New Orleans. And he was the father of a motherless child whom she desperately wanted to raise.

So it was that Eavin made a bargain with him. She would take care of his child and mansion. He would respect her desire never to be touched by a man again... But it was a bargain made to be broken... as this man who scorned love and this woman who feared passion came together in a whirlpool of wanting that they both tried to fight and neither could resist...

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