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More Than Magic

More Than Magic

Author: Kathleen Nance

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 390

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Description for MORE THAN MAGIC by Kathleen Nance:

Darius. He is as beautiful, as mesmerizing, as dangerous as a man can be. His dark, star-kissed eyes promise exquisite joys, yet it is common knowledge he has no intention of taking a wife. Ever.

Sex and sensuality will never ensnare Darius, for he is their master. But magic can. Knowledge of his true name will give a mortal woman power over the arrogant djinni, and an age-old enemy has carefully baited the trap. Alluring yet innocent, Isis Montgomery will snare his attention, and the spell she's been given will bind him to her. But who can plot the path of a whirlwind, or control a force that is even more than magic?

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