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Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession

Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession


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Erma Bombeck has been writing about mothers and motherhood for twenty years. In this book Erma celebrates Motherhood---the second oldest profession, and the biggest on-the-job training program ever.

She views with warmth, humor, insight, and compassion the variety of roles mothers play, and rescues motherhood from the unreal realm of cliche, myth, and make-believe. Erma tells of the joys and pangs, the fulfillment and the frustration, the poignancy and the pathos of being a mother. In MOTHERHOOD: THE SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION, Erma reaches new levels of creativity and originality with a cast of characters readers will readily recognize: from the Supermom who writes Christmas newsletters that rhyme to the mother who eats her children's Halloween candy and tells them the ants got it, from the Mom who alphabetizes her spices and can change the toilet tissue spindle without dropping the spring, to the mother who puts her kids outside to play when the chill factor is 40 below.

MOTHERHOOD: THE SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION is a mix of personalities, ages, emotions, and attitudes about mothers. They run the gamut from Janet who considers Joan Crawford a role model to Frank who stayed home and became the first suburban mother in Rochester with a mustache...who wasn't on estrogen.

MOTHERHOOD: THE SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION is a work that breaks new ground for its author as satirist and social commentator. It is not a book for everyone---only for those who are mothers... or who had one.

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