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Mourning Shift

Mourning Shift


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Description for MOURNING SHIFT by Kathleen Taylor:


Overworked, overweight, eminently inquisitive waitress Tory Bauer thought she knew about most of the closeted skeletons in this not-so-sleepy little corner of South Dakota. But on this very special Halloween at the Delphi Cafe--complete with horrid holiday entrees, cat fights and costumed pranksters--an unfamiliar old man lying cold and dead on the men's room floor turns out to be the unacknowledged husband of the cafe's chief cook Aphrodite. And when the unexpected and suspicious arrival of the deceased's amazon stripper daughter and grandson is followed by a second violent demise, Tory finds this a sack of nasty Halloween candy that she just can't resist. Because the only treat left when the tricks turn deadly will be unmasking a killer before he or she turns Delphi, S.D., into more of a ghost town than it already is.

This is #4 in A Tory Bauer Mystery.

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