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Mr. Monk Is Miserable

Mr. Monk Is Miserable


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Description for MR. MONK IS MISERABLE by Lee Goldberg:

Welcome to the all-new series of original mysteries starring Adrian Monk, the brilliant investigator who always knows when something's out of place....

Monk reluctantly agrees to accompany his long-suffering assistant, Natalie, to France, and then shocks her by announcing that he wants to visit -- of all things -- the sewers of Paris. Not his usual cup of (milk-free) tea. But the historic underground maze of pipes and tunnels is famous for making the City of Light admirably sanitary, and to Monk, that's worth paying tribute. And he can always wear a haz-mat suit for the tour.

The only problem is that Natalie and Monk's explorations lead them to the famed Parisian catacombs, which are filled with ageless skulls and bones. But Monk's sharp eye catches sight of one skull that's not so old -- and that shows evidence of murder. The roundabout clues lead them to some unusual suspects -- including a subculture of people taking a political stand by living only on what they find in the (shudder) garbage. Solving this murder case will make Monk miserable.

This is #7 in Monk Series.

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