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Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice


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Description of MULTIPLE CHOICE by Claire Cook:

March Monroe and her daughter, Olivia, are going to college. Not together at the same school, of course, just at the same time. March knows that Olivia is going, naturally, since she and her husband have just made their first exorbitant tuition payment. But Olivia doesn't exactly know the arrangement...yet. It's not as if March plans never to tell her; she just figures she'll wait a bit---until they've had a little time to miss each other. So imagine Olivia's surprise when one day she shows up for training at a local radio station and finds out that one of the other interns is...her mother.

Sharing an internship with her royally ticked-off daughter is not March's only new challenge. Among the multiple decisions on her mind are what to do about a slightly tired marriage, a fourteen-year-old son who probably won't be speaking to her for much longer, and a midlife crush, not to mention Quantum Physics and You---the class that just might put her over the edge.

Hilarious and heartwarming, MULTIPLE CHOICE is an effervescent novel of family life that will strike a chord with women everywhere---whether they have kids in college or are just now choosing their own majors. Required reading!

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