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Murder Among Us

Murder Among Us


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Description for MURDER AMONG US by Ann Granger:


The quiet little Cotswold village is in an uproar over the news that the rambling old Victorian landmark, Springwood Hall, is being turned into an up-market country hotel and restaurant. Some locals are miffed over an imported superstar chef crowding out their resident culinary genius, while Hope Mapple, speaking for the Society for the Preservation of Historic Bamford, expresses her outrage by streaking the gala opening party.

But the locals' protests are quickly upstaged by the discovery of a murdered body in the wine cellar. And for Chief Inspector Markby and his lovely weekend guest Meredith Mitchell, the promise of a romantic country rendezvous turns into a deadly serious affair.

This is #4 in Meredith and Markby series.

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