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Murder At The Academy Awards

Murder At The Academy Awards


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Description for MURDER AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS by Joan Rivers with Jerrilyn Farmer:

And you thought the Oscars were all swag bags and Jimmy Choos? Ha! Honey, it's murder.

In this uber-stylish mystery, Joan Rivers delivers a bracingly funny, pitch-perfect reflection of a Hollywood only she would dare to reveal -- and premieres an indomitable, high-end amateur sleuth who isn't asking "who are you wearing?" but rather "whodunit?"

It's Oscar night, and tart-tongued fashionista Maxine Taylor, holding court on the glamorous Red Carpet with her daughter, Drew, has landed an exclusive interview with the fabulous, young, paparazzi-hounded starlet Halsey Hamilton. But not even Max, who's seen her share of celebrity train wrecks, is prepared for an incoherent Halsey, straight out of rehab, to stumble up to the mic, slur a few cryptic words, and drop dead at the hem of Max's stunning Michael Kors gown. Was it an inevitable Tinseltown tragedy? Or a perfectly calculated crime? Feigning a hopeless addiction to artificial sweeteners, Max goes undercover inside the pricey rehab clinic, Wonders, where her list of suspicious players expands faster than the Jolie-Pitt family. Now, Max must unravel a cache of sordid motives and find a killer while upstaging an over-the-top funeral where the ill-fated actress was buried in, of all things, a tacky designer knockoff!

This is #1 in A Red Carpet Murder Mystery.

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