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Murder At The FBI

Murder At The FBI


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Description for MURDER AT THE FBI by Margaret Truman:

pecial agent George Pritchard was no one's favorite at the FBI. But when his murdered body is found hanging behind the target at the Bureau's own firing range, with two hundred astonished tourists looking on, a special investigation is ordered. The FBI does not like to be embarrassed.

Heading up the search for Pritchard's killer are Ross Lizenby, a handsome, enigmatic loner, and Christine Saksis, a beautiful half-Passamaquoddy Indian. Juggling their own love affair with the high-pressure demands of a round-the-clock investigation, the pair starts looking for answers - only to find that the upper echelons of the Bureau want questions kept to a minimum.

But Saksis persists. She's already got too much information to ignore - information that a certain muckraking writer would love to get his hands on, information that could be devastating to the FBI. And soon she's got a new question.

Should her loyalties lie with the Bureau? Or with the truth?

This is #6 in Capital Crimes series.

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