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Murder Can Kill Your Social Life

Murder Can Kill Your Social Life


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Description for MURDER CAN KILL YOUR SOCIAL LIFE by Selma Eichler:


Desiree Shapiro, New York PI, is no hard-boiled shamus. She has dimples in her knees, elbows, and some unmentionable places. Desiree is a chubby gumshoe who has a mind as sharp as a Cuisinart and a queen-sized talent for sleuthing. Her heart is pretty big, too, which is why she agrees to take the case of the poor grocery kid accused of killing the old lady in apartment 15D for the money stashed in her freezer. Sure, the boy's fingerprints on the refrigerator make the problem sticky...but only until there's yet another murder in the same building. Before anyone can say Haagen-Dazs, Desiree bets she will be able to finger the real killer. She's detoured by dinner with a bachelor, but he, unfortunately, turns into a suspect. So while her love life is chilling out, Desiree cooks up a scheme to trap a lean, mean, decidedly unsavory killer. And we won't deny it--this is just the first, on a complete menu of sizzling murder mysteries to feature the full-figured and funny Desiree Shapiro.

This is #1 in Desiree Shapiro Mystery series.

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