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Murder Gets A Life

Murder Gets A Life


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Description for MURDER GETS A LIFE by Anne George:

Patricia Anne can't imagine why Mary Alice is in such an uproar over her boy marrying sweet little Sunshine Dobbs. Ray found the Barbie doll lookalike on a trip to Bora Bora and Mary Alice is sure her new daughterin-law is just after Ray's money. The marriage is a done deal, but it's only proper to pay a call on the family and see how bad things really are.

The sisters bump down a dirt road to the family's trailer park compound, weave their way through a landmine of junk, washing machines, and attack dogs, and follow Sunshine's grandmother, matriarch Meemaw into her cozy trailer. But when the sisters fall over a body on the floor--with Meemaw's best hog butchering knife in his chest--Meemaw is just shocked to pieces and things get a bit hectic. And, once again, the sisters are right in the thick of a cockeyed world of strange and bizarre events, helping out the good-old-boy sheriff who hasn't got a clue... unless the sisters put their heads together and point his nose in the right direction.

This is #5 in Southern Sisters series.

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