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Murder Goes Mumming

Murder Goes Mumming


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Description for MURDER GOES MUMMING by Alisa Craig:

Inspector Madoc Rhys and his lovely fiancee, Janet, were off to a house part in a lumber baron's mansion on the legend-haunted shores of Bay Chaleur in New Brunswick.

Squire Condrycke was the perfect Lord of Misrule, his family the merriest crew alive...all but rich old Granny, who lost first her teeth, then her life. Was it old age that did her in? Was it the butler with his too-potent wassail? Or was it one of her allegedly doting relatives?

Never mind, said Squire, the mummimg must go on. And on it went until the Phantom Ship of Bay Chaleur brought a portent dire enough to kill any party...and Inspector Rhys went back to work.

This is #2 in Madoc & Janet Rhys series.

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