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Murder In Chinatown

Murder In Chinatown


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Description for MURDER IN CHINATOWN by Victoria Thompson:

Birth, death, and everything in between--midwife Sarah Brandt has seen it all. In the tenements of New York, Sarah helps out where she can. Now, in the latest of the Edgar Award -- nominated novels, she ventures to an exotic land, less than a mile away...

In Chinatown to deliver a baby, Sarah Brandt meets a group of women she might otherwise never have come across: Irish girls who, after alighting on Ellis Island alone, have married Chinese men in the same predicament. But faced with bigotry in New York from every side, their mixed-race children are often treated badly, by the Irish, the Chinese--even the police...

When the new mother's half-Chinese and half-Irish fifteen-year-old niece goes missing, Sarah knows that alerting the constables would prove futile. So she turns to Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy--and together they begin the search themselves. And after they find the girl, dead in an alley, Sarah and Malloy have ample suspects--from both sides of Canal Street...

This is #9 in Gaslight series.

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