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Murder In Foggy Bottom

Murder In Foggy Bottom


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Description for MURDER IN FOGGY BOTTOM by Margaret Truman:

Once it was a swamp. Now Foggy Bottom is swimming with real-estate sharks. When a man is found stabbed to death in this trendy D.C. neighborhood, it is major news. But within forty-eight hours the nation is gripped by a fear that leaves this comparatively small crime in the dark.

Three passenger planes are shot out of the sky. Everywhere - in law enforcement, in the media, and in the most secret realms of government - men and women scramble to find out who shot handheld missiles at the planes and why. It is a search that reaches from Moscow to the Pacific Northwest, putting some people's lives in jeopardy and turning others' lives inside out. But no one can guess the truth: that the epicenter of the terrorist outbreak is Washington, D.C....and a dead man behind a park bench in a place called Foggy Bottom.

This is #17 in Capital Crimes series.

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