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Murder In Georgetown

Murder In Georgetown


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Description for MURDER IN GEORGETOWN by Margaret Truman:

Valerie Frolich, the beautiful, twenty-year-old daughter of New Jersey senator John Frolich, was among the youngest guests at the elegant Georgetown party. Her provocative dancing raised not a few eyebrows - but could someone have found it distasteful enough to kill her?

Assigned to report on her murder is Joe Potamos, of the Washington Post's police beat. With the help of a certain lady piano player, Potamos begins to investigate the story. What he finds out about Valerie - a top-notch journalism student as well as a breaker of male hearts young and old - leads him to a number of startling questions about Georgetown's most powerful men and women.

Then Potamos is pulled off the case. His boss tells him that he's needed elsewhere, but he suspects differently: someone from above does not like his particular brand of investigative reporting. But Potamos is in too deep to stop investigating. And as the smell of corruption in high places becomes Stronger, he realizes that it's not just his job that's at stake. It's his life....

This is #7 In Capital Crime series.

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