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Murder In The Chateau

Murder In The Chateau


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Description for MURDER IN THE CHATEAU by Elliott Roosevelt:

In 1941, America is poised for war.

But the First Lady detects more personal hostilities as she investigates a shocking murder in an isolated French chateau.

Cool-headed, no-nonsense Eleanor is FDR's first choice as his stand-in at a secret meeting of anti-Nazi leaders in a remote French chateau. But after SS Colonel Artur Brandt turns up facedown with a slug in his head, the First Lady finds herself prowling the elegant rooms of the house in search of an elusive killer.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gertrude Stein, Josephine Baker, General Erwin Rommel, and Winston Churchill's dashing daughter, Eleanor encounters danger that will demand more than the radio transmitter and Colt .32 she's carrying in her vanity case. It will challenge the whole arsenal of the keenest detective mind on either side of the Atlantic.

This is #15 in An Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery.

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