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Murder In The CIA

Murder In The CIA


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Description for MURDER IN THE CIA by Margaret Truman:

Barrie Mayer, a beautiful Washington literary agent, arrives at London's Heathrow airport with plenty of time make her flight to Budapest, where she's planning to meet an author. The airport is crowded, but it's not a scheduling problem that keeps Barrie from getting off the ground.

The doctors call her death a heart attack, but her best friend, Collette Cahill, has her doubts. A CIA agent herself, Collette knows that Barrie was carrying more than just contracts to Hungary. Then Collette gets the order from above: find out what happened to Barrie. And, more important, what happened to her briefcase.

So Collette sets off on a search that will take her from London to Washington to the Caribbean, from restaurants to psychiatrists' offices to bedrooms. After all--even CIA agents lose their hearts every now and then. But Collette may lose her life...

This is #8 in Capital Crimes series.

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