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Murder In The East Room

Murder In The East Room


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Description for MURDER IN THE EAST ROOM by Elliott Roosevelt:

In 1940, the world was hurtling toward war. And in Washington, D.C., the First Lady was hunting for a killer.

Fine food and drink are not a hallmark of FDR's White House. But bad bubbly isn't the reason Senator Vance Gibson staggers away from a state dinner. Moments after his departure, the man is dead in the East Room, his throat slit from ear to ear.

The world is being engulfed by the flames of war. The British have been defeated at Dunkirk and France is collapsing. While FDR agonizes over a third term, and the White House is invaded by movers, shakers, and plotters, the First Lady can't help but investigate the murder of Senator Gibson, a man who was irresistible to women, including Greta Garbo herself. Examining the suspects, from jealous husbands to a corrupt politician, Eleanor finds herself in a steamy world of sex and secrets. But for the President's wife, the most shocking truth is yet to come.

This is #12 in An Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery.

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