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Murder In The West Wing

Murder In The West Wing


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Description for MURDER IN THE WEST WING by Elliott Roosevelt:

Mrs. Roosevelt was a new kind of First Lady -- a woman with a mind of her own, a champion of the downtrodden, and an uncanny solver of crimes...

As storm clouds gather over Europe and FOR receives such guests as Albert Einstein, Joe Kennedy and crime buster Eliot Ness, Eleanor is thrust into danger much closer to home. One of the President's staff has been found dead, poisoned by cyanide mixed in his evening bourbon. Even worse, the accused killer is another White house aide, diminutive beauty Therese Rolland.

Although the police are determined to pin the crime on Therese, Eleanor is immediately convinced she is innocent. Calmly, but firmly, the First Lady uncovers a web of lies and secrets swirling around the Louisiana political machine... until another shocking murder is discovered. Suddenly, the investigation is taking Eleanor Roosevelt places no proper First Lady would ever go--to the darkest underside of society, and toward a shattering truth that lies within the White House itself!

This is #11 in An Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery.

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