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Murder On Mike

Murder On Mike


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Description for MURDER ON MIKE by H Paul Jeffers:

Maggie Skeffington came to see Harry MacNeil, private eye, in his office on Fifty-second Street. By the time she came in, there couldn't have been anyone in New York who didn't know about the murder at Radio City.

She'd come for Harry's help because, she said she knew that David Reed hadn't killed Derek Worthington. Because she loved David.

He told her he felt he couldn't take her money and raise false hopes. The evidence was there, Reed was bound to be indicted, and the best Maggie cold do for David was to get him a good lawyer.

But, well, Harry was a fan of Maggie Skeffinton's from her Sunday night radio show, in which she played Miss Molloy in Detective Fitzroy's Casebook---and, he had to admit, he was a sucker for a sweet face. So he took the case---in spite of the evidence.

He was soon in the midst (it turned out to be a puzzling and dangerous midst) of radio's temperamental people, of Broadway celebrities, of the Rainbow Room and Radio City Music Hall and even Beekman Place.

Everyone who knew the glamour and excitement of a large part of New York in the Thirties will be happy to revisit it in this fast, nostalgic novel. For those unfortunate people born too late, here is a chance to visit it backstage and out front, with a very knowledgeable guide.

Join the tour guide---and have a marvelous time!

This is #2 in a Harry MacNeil Mystery.

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